Key West Wedding DJs

/Key West Wedding DJs

July 2017

Rahm Rodriguez


Rahm has come to Key West from Arizona, and SoundWave is thrilled to have him! He is a true wedding professional, with years of wedding and entertainment experience. His quick wit and desire to help out wherever needed make him a favorite among wedding planners, and our brides love the way he rocks a party!

Rahm Rodriguez 2017-07-25T20:09:31-04:00

September 2015

Sanaris Peacock


Sanaris Peacock is a favorite DJ of Key West! He is full of energy and easy smiles. When Sanaris is not entertaining at a wedding, he can usually be spotted onstage at Sloppy Joes, riling up the crowd and inciting fun at all times.

Sanaris Peacock 2017-06-27T22:41:05-04:00

August 2011

James Cooper “DJ Top Jimmy”


Owner / DJ / MC With over 20 years of wedding experience, Jim is known for his easy-going personality, extensive musical knowledge, and a willingness to accommodate special requests. His knack for detail makes him one of the most sought after DJ/MCs in the Keys.

James Cooper “DJ Top Jimmy” 2013-07-16T19:54:37-04:00