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About Soundwave Productions

Key West’s Wedding DJ & Videography Company

This is SoundWave. This is who we are. We provide DJ/MC services and custom video for all occasions, mostly weddings. We are married, happily. We are in the business of marriage, happily. Our work is fun! We get to be together, working out of our home office to help couples make their wedding dreams a reality. This is us caring about the job we do.  This is us caring about the people we do it for. This is us caring about the people and all the moving parts that come together to make your day special. This is us connecting with the happy couples for whom we provide our services. We will do our best for you, because that is what we do.

What makes us different

1. SoundWave DJ and Videography is family-owned and operated, with over twenty years experience in the business of fun.

2. We have good working relationships with every wedding planner and venue in Key West and The Florida Keys.

3. We take the time to get to understand exactly what you want and need for your wedding or special event.

4. We show up on time, with a smile, and we conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

5. Our DJ and videography equipment is top-of-the-line and always in good working order.

Wedding DJ
Wedding Video

Family First

Jimmy and Joanna Cooper made Key West their home in 1993. Since then they have enjoyed living in the beautiful Florida Keys with their daughter Caya, and son Andreas (pictured above). Over the years of meeting wonderful people on the island, Jimmy & Joanna have found like-minded people who share their ideals and ideas of what an island wedding can and should be.

“We love what we do! We believe in marriage. We have been loving and learning together through the years, and every time we see another couple make that commitment, we are reminded just how precious love is. We are so blessed to be able to offer our talents to couples on such an important day in their lives. We invite you to explore our website, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your special day.”

Joanna & Jimmy Cooper
Owners, SoundWave
Key West, Florida